Meet The State Committee

Meet The Maryland NAWGJ State Committee

Jane Flynn

MD NAWGJ State Director

Was a gymnast when…Rosin was your best-beam friend, tape grips were a necessity and zippered leotards with fancy lacy or acrylic paint were in vogue. Coach when we learned compulsory routines on a hard wooded basket ball court in 102 degree weather!… Dominque was our GOAT and the horse was used for vaulting.

Judge…. Unofficially during college, the code of points was green and was about 5 inches by 8 inches and could fit in your purse, there were superior and medium elements ….. National judge currently since 2001 have judged Regionals and National competitions. Nickname Lolli (aka Grand mom)… Lolli to 5  beautiful grand children with another on the way!

Flyneth Rose Farm, home to 28 hens whose eggs placed 1st and 3rd 2021 Anne Arundel County fair and 1st grand champion 2022 Anne Arundel county fair

Tony Eusini

MD Judges Cup Director

Coaching gymnastics for over 33 years. When not in the gym, I play volleyball, do martial arts and anything outdoors. Love to cook and create my own meals. Enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Ricky Stakem

High School Assigner & College Gymnastics Liaison


Ricky Stakem has been called the “Beam King” although he likes judging every level and event. Outside of judging, he enjoys musical theatre and dance. He continues to work with his alma mater, Magruder High School, by choreographing their annual spring musical and taking classes at Broadway Dance Center whenever he’s in NYC. After years of performing on stage, he fully empathizes with athletes who might be nervous when competing and loves seeing athletes achieve their goals. Fun fact, he’s traveled to six continents. “Best of luck to everyone this season!”

Linda Herrell

Assistant Assigner


Level 10
Judging approximately 25 years
Favorite event – anything but vault!
Took a four-year hiatus but missed it so much I returned last year (2022)

Alicia Zois

Website | Google Administrator

I became a judge in 1998 and a board member in 2005.  Spent 17 years as the High School assignor and was recently elected as the website administrator.  Additionally, I own a sport event management company that specializes in hosting and managing gymnastics and cheer events.  


Myra Elfenbein

Level 7 Team and Education Clinics

Myra Elfenbein Former Maryland State Judging Director and Regional 7 Committee Chairman,  I’ve been Judging for exactly 3252 years.  Love all the events, but particularly Bars and Floor. I went to a fancy high school but unfortunately, I’m not fancy!!!


Carol Boyer

CPE Hospitality Coordinator

Level 10 judge with 26 years ‘experience.  She was recently appointed as the CPE Coordinator in August of 2023.  Prior to that, she served as the Financial Reviewer from 2021-2023.  Carol has a keen interest in promoting ongoing professional development of Maryland judges so that athletes and the sport of gymnastics continues to improve.  Carol retired from the Federal government with 42 years of service and recently retired after 10 years as a Unit Coordinator in an Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital.  She enjoys dog walking, audiobooks and spending time with her husband and family, especially her three grandchildren. Carol’s happy place is judging gymnastics and seeing the pride on a coach’s face when a gymnast successfully performs their routine, ends with a smile and remembers to salute the judge!

Sara McShane

Mentorship Coordinator

My name is Sara McShane and I began my gymnastics career as a gymnast, junior coach, coach, and then about 19 years ago I began judging.  My favorite event to judge is vault. When I’m not judging, I teach middle school Language Arts and sometimes have the awesome opportunity to watch my own students compete.  Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I got engaged in a hot air balloon.


Beth Bejeck

Financial Assistant and Secretary

My name is Beth Bejeck, and I’ve been judging for 10 years. I really enjoy judging gymnastics for many reasons; including being able to meet many amazing athletes, coaches, and judges.  I also appreciate the focus, discipline, and attention to detail that judging requires.  There is something different and interesting about each of the four events.  I also enjoy watching different sports, the beach, hiking, and my family.

Cynthia Dunn


14 years of Judging. Began judging after watching her daughter compete for several years. Met her husband, Mike at the Pentagon and married for over 30 years with two adult children,James and Leah. Former certified public accountant with executive and management experiences.  

Enjoy activities and lifestyles around the Chesapeake Bay with family and creating small craft projects with her mom.

Luanne McKenna

Appointed Member at Large

Luanne has been active in the Maryland gymnastics community for many years.  She is nationally rated and has judged DP/XCEL/NCAA and USAIGC events. Luanne has also coached in the community at various clubs and contributes her time to state, regional and national clinics as a volunteer and clinician.  She is currently serving as an elected member of the MD State Administrative Committee and a non-voting At-Large member of the MD NAWGJ Administrative Committee. Outside of the gym, Luanne works for Child Justice, Inc. where she advocates to protect children from abuse and exposure to violence.

Betsy Johnston

Appointed Member at Large

My name is Betsy Johnston. I started judging in 1987 when I was in college in NC. I took a break from judging when I moved to MD. I became part of the MD judging community in 2009. I have been on all sides of gymnastics… a gymnast, a parent, a coach and a judge. I love this sport!


HISTORY:  previous SJD holders

Amy Rager

SJD May 1977 – May 1991

Myra Elfenbein

SJD May 1991 – May 1998

Linda Ostrove

SJD May 1998 – May 2023